Doing More for Less: Windows and Mac Accessibility Features

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The resources referenced in my presentation, Doing More for Less: Windows and Mac Accessibility Features, are listed below. They are also available via the Diigo collaborative bookmarking site: mbfortson’s alla2012 Bookmarks on Diigo.

You can find a copy of the presentation slides here: Doing More for Less: Windows and Mac Accessibility Features. If this document is not accessible to you, please contact me so I can get the slides to you in a format that is.

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Mac OS X

From Apple:

OS X | Apple

OS X product home.

Accessibility | Apple

Apple’s Accessibility page. Offers information about assistive technology options included as standard features in Apple products and links to product-specific accessibility information.

Hearing | OS X | Accessibility | Apple

“OS X Lion includes a variety of features that can make using the Mac easier for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.”

Literacy and Learning | OS X | Accessibility | Apple

“Users with cognitive and learning disabilities can benefit from many built-in features in OS X Lion, including ways to simplify the Finder, provide integrated information reference tools, assist with spelling and grammar, and much more.”

Physical and Motor Skills | OS X | Accessibility | Apple

“OS X provides built-in and assistive technologies that can help you navigate your computer even if you have difficulties using the keyboard, mouse, and trackpad.”

Vision | OS X | Accessibility | Apple

“OS X comes with a variety of assistive technologies to help those with vision disabilities, including a built-in screen reader, screen and cursor magnification, high-contrast settings, and more.”

Accessibility Resources | Apple

Community resources, third-party solutions, and accessibility standards resources. Also offers downloadable Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (PDF format) that describe how specific Apple products and services address Section 508 Guidelines.

Special Education | Apple in Education | Apple

This Apple in Education page offers information about universal access features. Some iPod and iPhone information may also be applicable to the iPad.

Universal Access | OS X Lion | Apple

“Every Mac comes standard with a wide range of assistive technologies that help people with disabilities enjoy the power and simplicity of the Mac. We call this Universal Access, and it includes many features you won’t find in other operating systems at any price. In OS X, they’re built right in.”

Other resources:


From the site: “This website covers all Apple products with a slant towards disability. This website is about users with a disability, adaptive and assistive technology, and making accessible programs and content.”

The Mac-cessibility Network

“The Mac-cessibility Network is devoted to connecting, compiling, and providing easy access to the best resources for blind, visually impaired, and other disability groups using Apple products. It is maintained by a dedicated group of visually impaired volunteers, who are Apple enthusiasts themselves.”

Mac OS X News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip | Lifehacker

Lifehacker posts tagged with mac os x.

TUAW | The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Apple “news, information and analysis.”

Accessibility Articles on TUAW

Articles tagged with accessibility on TUAW, The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Assistivetechnology Articles on TUAW

Articles tagged with assistivetechnology on TUAW, The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Microsoft Windows 7

From Microsoft:

Windows 7 | Microsoft

Windows 7 product home.

Accessibility in Windows 7

Windows 7 accessibility overview from Microsoft Accessibility: Technology for Everyone.

Accessibility in Windows 7 Fact Sheet (PDF)

“Windows 7 includes accessibility options and programs that make it easier to see, hear, and use your computer including ways to personalize your PC.”

Accessibility | Windows 7 features | Microsoft Windows

Windows 7 accessibility features from Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Accessibility: Technology for Everyone

Microsoft’s accessibility “hub” offers product information, demonstrations, tutorials, guides, news and articles, links to Microsoft Accessibility Resource Centers, and more.

Demos of Accessibility in Windows 7 | Microsoft Accessibility: Technology for Everyone

“Video demos that show the accessibility features of Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8.”

Windows 7 Accessibility Tutorials | Microsoft Accessibility: Technology for Everyone

“Learn how to use the accessibility features of Windows 7.”

Microsoft Top 7 Accessibility Tips | YouTube

“Learn about the Top 7 accessibility tips in products like Windows 7, Office 2010 and Internet Explorer.” From MSFT Enable.

Windows Accessibility | Microsoft Windows

“Find out how accessibility options in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP make your PC easier to use.”

Other resources:

Accessible Computer Training | T.A.S.C.

“Computer technology training modules specifically targeted for people with developmental disabilities and related conditions” for Technology Assistance for Special Consumers (T.A.S.C.), a program of United Cerebral Palsy of Huntsville and Tennessee Valley. Includes 9 Microsoft Accessibility modules to help users “learn how to change the Microsoft Operating System to make the computer easier to use.”

Enabling accessibility | Building Windows 8 | MSDN Blogs

Offers a preview of “accessibility improvements in Windows 8.”

How to Create Accessible Microsoft Office Files | ProfHacker | The Chronicle of Higher Education

“Microsoft Office files are the predominant document types handled by individuals in both academia and the corporate world. Files with .doc/docx, .ppt/pptx, and .xls/xlsx are a proprietary format, so how can you guarantee the accessibility of these files when sharing with others?”

Lifehacker’s Complete Guide to Windows 7 | Lifehacker

Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint | AccessAbility

Microsoft Office accessibility resources from Penn State’s AccessAbility.


The presentation included these videos:

Everything I can’t do in the real world I can do with my Mac

Introduction to Universal Access in Mac OS X | Tech-Ease

Microsoft Top 7 Accessibility Tips | YouTube

Using Narrator the basic screen reading tool built into MS Windows

Windows 7 Magnifier Demonstration

Windows 7 Speech Recognition

Bonus: Browser Accessibility


Making Google Accessible

Using Google products (How to use accessibility features); Resources for developers and publishers (APIs, captioning, and standards); Advocacy and ADA work (Open standards and 508 documents).

Using Google products: How to use accessibility features

“In this section, we go over the accessibility features of our products for 2 groups of people: Blind & low-vision users; Deaf & hard of hearing users.” Includes information about Chrome browser assistive technology support.


Accessibility | How to | Firefox Help

“Firefox includes many features to make the browser and web content accessible to all users, including those who have low vision, no vision, or limited ability to use a keyboard or mouse.”

Access Firefox

“Accessibility tools and resources for Firefox end users with disabilities (primarily visual impairments); Firefox introductory materials for those new to Firefox, or curious about it; Firefox tips and guides for all Firefox users (from beginners to power users).”

Internet Explorer

Accessibility in Internet Explorer 9 | Microsoft Accessibility: Technology for Everyone

“Windows Internet Explorer 9 includes accessibility options to help all users, including those with disabilities, move around the Internet easier, see webpages more clearly, and access information quicker.”