MSU mentions

Last weekend,  in an attempt to recover deleted website content, I did some Google cache searching and stumbled across this:

Wolverton, Robert, and Karen Davidson. “E-Resource Round Up.” Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship. 23.1 (2011): 68-95.

The article includes a write-up of my 2010 Mississippi State University Libraries Emerging Technologies Summit presentation. While I can’t post the article here, it is available to JERL subscribers at Taylor & Francis Online. Laurel Sammonds, the MSU librarian who served as a reporter for the session, also posted a write-up on the Summit blog. Jacquelyn Marie Erdman also posted some notes on her site, Technolust & Loathing.

While I read the blog posts when they were published last year, I forgot to look for the JERL article, and it didn’t pop up in my search alerts because Google’s spiders couldn’t get their hands on the full text. I’m posting everything here because I am totally famous in order to keep track of the mentions.

ETA: Just now, as I was searching for Laurel’s post, I found this picture on the Mississippi State University Libraries Flickr page. You can’t see my references in the shot, but the slide shown in the picture is an adaptation of one shown in an EASI webcast.